Accelerate electronics prototyping and project-building…and look good while doing it.


The ground-breaking WorkBench system makes it easy to organize, protect, transport, and show off your work.

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NEW Intro to Microcontrollers Kit

Learn Arduino!  Electronics, WorkBench, and project training designed to build competance and confidence.  

NEW Free Lesson Modules 

Basics of Electronics that everyone should know.

NEW DIY design and print Slides

Print it yourself!  Use this simple parametric design tool to design and print Slide mounting adapters not offered by Phase Dock.


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There is Nothing like WorkBench.

WorkBench 1007 shown with four color choices

This ecosystem of mechanical components accelerates and simplifies the creation of projects and prototypes.

Think of it as “Little Toy Bricks” (you know the ones) for electronics.”

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An Elegant Foundation for Creativity!

Arduino-powered industrial contoller

Prototype or build anything you can imagine.

You choose the best electronics for your purposes. WorkBench helps you mount, organize and connect them all.

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Never say “I wish it was…” again.

Weatherproof Enclosure

Prototypes get done faster.

Projects always look great.

With WorkBench, there is nothing to stall your progress, and no more clumsy, unmounted hardware.

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Technical Professionals

Improves productivity and efficiency.

Presents a professional appearance for clients and colleagues.

Transitions easily to field deployment.

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Makers and Hobbyists

Get to the fun part of the build more quickly.

Experiment and build more cool projects in the same amount of time.

Keep the peace with a neat and organized home workspace.

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Students and Educators

Minimize class time lost to set-up and tear-down.

Accelerate learning with hands-on projects.

Backpack-proven. Secure portability and storage for projects.

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