A lot has happened since my first Blog post.  Here’s an update!

Intrinsic Legs

I’ve got the thermo-forming for the Matrixes (formerly “Grid Tables”) under control.  That had me worried, but after much investigation, a number of post-midnight sessions, and a strong dose of innovative Makerism in the shop, I’ve designed and built a thermo-forming rig that makes a perfect bend in the acrylic. Every. Time. Now the Matrix has acrylic formed legs — no more screw-on wood risers.  Score!


After consulting with a few Maker friends, I’ve extended the Matrix to have easy-to-grab and very sturdy handles.  Yup.  I understand that you’re going to want to move your project around.  I think these are strong and easy to grab, but I’ll be looking for feedback from World Maker Faire attendees who will be handling the Matrix in September.



I wanted to make a cover for the Pro3 EcoSystem from the beginning, but didn’t realize how quickly it would come together once the Matrix design was near-final.  Side tabs on the Matrix make it super simple to apply and remove.  It keeps out random screws and other stuff that might cause your project to short out.  And it holds a good bit of weight.  We piled a bunch of dictionaries on it.  Didn’t budge and didn’t bend.  Good stuff!


Acrylic offers so many possibilities.   We’re bringing black, clear, smoke grey and flourescent green to the Maker Faire.  Wonder what other colors Makers will want for their projects…