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Sean B. introduces his FlightAware / Raspberry Pi project which he uses to track aircraft in the skies overhead, night or day.

In addition to tracking flight paths, the FlightAware / PiAware also shows regional weather systems.


Major components

Other components

WorkBench 1007 Project Development Kit

  • 1007 Base
  • One 2×3 Click with Raspberry Pi 2/3 Slide
  • Two 1×3 or 2×3 Clicks to mount the FlightAware and Cable components

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1. A larger antenna will give you the widest view of the sky. Get the largest, best antenna you can afford and mount it outside if possible.

2. The FightAware filter helps reduce RF noise if your location is close to radio or cell towers.

3. When you choose your coax cable, do your homework on which cable is required, and be sure the connectors are correct. Standard TV and WiFi cables are not appropriate.