Step Six:

complete the assembly

When you are satisfied with the fit of the internal components, you can complete the assembly. 

BONUS: The Phase Dock Small Parts Assembly kit includes a red TrackPoint from the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop to give you the most authentic flight unit possible. 

Step 6-1 IMG_1445.JPG

Take the lid and carefully maneuver the wires into the open space aside the Pi as neatly as you can.

Place the lid on the top and use the pocket-and-post corners to align the case halves.

Take the M4 cap screws and insert one through the holes in all four corners of the case. Gently turn the bolts until all are evenly finger tight before using the 3mm Allen key to do a final round of tightening.

The last step is to install your red joystick cap by pressing it onto the joystick.

Congratulations!  Your Astro Pi is ready to rocket! 

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