Inspiration Projects

Projects built by Makers, tech professionals, and students using Phase Dock WorkBench.

EOD Training for Military and Law Enforcement

The Phase Dock WorkBench has transformed John and his collaborators' ability to deliver a wide range of complex electronics training to a diverse audience—and made them look good while doing it. The Professional Educator: John Gray, Agricultural Studies Group John is a former US Army Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician who currently trains military

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DIY Heartbeat Monitor

The Maker: Steve Lubbers, Dayton, Ohio Steve used to develop electronic controls for automotive shock absorbers. Now that this self-described “Enginerd” is working for Bose, his focus is car stereo amplifiers and speaker systems. He relies on the same skills and experience. As Steve says, “We’re still talking about a box of electronics in a

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ESP32 & Cellular IoT CI Build Status Light

Phase Dock friend Brandon Satrom uses his WorkBench to monitor Cellular IoT builds with the blues wireless Notecard and an ESP32 Feather! Project Published by Brandon Satrom at Hackster.IO Brandon's Story I've been a software engineer for over twenty years, and one of the things that has always fascinated me is testing. Unit testing, integration

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Rover with Object Avoidance and Remote Control

Rover with Object Avoidance and Remote Control Project by: Bob Mixon, Carmel, Indiana This project is presented in a series of emails between Bob Mixon and Phase Dock founders Chris and Barbara Lehenbauer. The project continues. You can follow Bob on his blog or watch this space for more. March 13, 2020 Hi Phase Dock

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Memory Read/Write for Small Ferrite Core Memory

Ferrite Memory Core Project by: Matt G, Galveston, Texas My first project for the Phase Dock system is prototyping a core memory read/write setup for small ferrite memory cores. I put together a core memory kit earlier, but now using the modularity of Phase Dock to delve into the details. Lower left is a

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Wall-Mount Electronics: Firmware Test Bed

Firmware Test Bed: From Clutter to Showcase Phase Dock Wall Mount Electronics System Organizes Dozens of Nanocomputers “Everybody who has seen it has loved it. Now that [the test bed] is set up, it will save time in terms of maintenance. We can easily see if everything is working properly.” — JT, FIRMWARE DEV

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