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Projects by WorkBench owners who competed in the 2019 Phase Dock Challenge competition.

Semi-Automated Battery Tester Prototype

Submitted By: Mark Smith Project Description As part of our Light EV Technician training class, I developed a Semi-Automated Battery Tester (SABT) Prototype which was spread on a benchtop. Neither elegant, nor repeatable for our students, we took advantage of a Phase Dock 1007 Project Development Kit allowing quick, repeatable connection. A Kangaroo micro-PC

2020-11-10T15:24:23-05:00Challenge Entry|

Open-Source Electrocoagulation Water Filtration System

Project Name : Open-Source Electrocoagulation Water Filtration System Submitted By : Joshua Giardino Project Description This is part of an open-source water filtration system that can recycle water. Electrocoagulation is used to remove pesticides, heavy metals, viruses, & bacteria from water making it safe to drink. This system is portable and capable of treating

2021-03-05T13:24:09-05:00Challenge Entry|

Raspberry Pi GPIO-compatible Daughterboard

Project Name: Raspberry Pi / GPIO-compatible Daughterboard project Submitted By: Andre Rossouw Project Description: The Raspberry Pi/GPIO-compatible Daughterboard allows SBCs with a compatible GPIO connector to be attached to the AR Technology SBC Wizard Pro. Digital inputs and outputs can be simulated, making the task of software development faster and simpler. The daughterboard also

2020-11-10T15:41:06-05:00Challenge Entry|

ThunderOps Advanced Remote Avatar (TARA) by Walker Archer

Project Name: ThunderOps Advanced Remote Avatar (TARA) Submitted By: Walker Archer Project Description: TARA is a robotics platform based on a used electric wheelchair. She is a human-sized animatron with a punk look. Her job is to use her voice and punchy stereo to try to get people to dance. She has been a

2020-11-10T15:50:26-05:00Challenge Entry|

Feather/Particle Daughterboard Entry

Project Name : Feather/Particle Daughterboard Submitted By : Andre Rossouw Project Description This daughterboard project allows Feather/Particle compatible SBCs to be connected to the AR Technology SBC Wizard Pro. It allows testing of digital and analog inputs, and digital outputs. The SBC Wizard Pro is mounted on a custom click and slide to allow

2020-11-12T18:19:33-05:00Challenge Entry|


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