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Phase Dock 2.0, or “Why we rebuilt our website.”

You may not know it, but in addition to being the owners, Chris and I are the only employees of Phase Dock Inc. We’re a start-in-the-garage kind of business, only our startup is primarily in the basement. Same thing, I think. Although at this time, we can only park one car in our two-car garage

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NEW! WorkBench Adapters for RPi Zero, Circuit Playground & BeagleBone!

NEW! More WorkBench adapters for RPi Zero, Circuit Playground & Beaglebone! We’ve been busy. Phase Dock Fans asked for more options and we are delivering! Now you can get Click/Slide adapters for Raspberry Pi Zero, Playground Circuit, and BeagleBone Black. These are in addition to RasPi 2/3/4, Arduino, and Feather/Particle. Of course, there is

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Updates! New colors and a Cover now available!

A lot has happened since my first Blog post.  Here's an update! Intrinsic Legs I've got the thermo-forming for the Matrixes (formerly "Grid Tables") under control.  That had me worried, but after much investigation, a number of post-midnight sessions, and a strong dose of innovative Makerism in the shop, I've designed and built a thermo-forming

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New! Professional Project Prototyping System

We will be exhibiting at the World Maker Faire New York, September 22 & 23, 2018.  If you are interested in this product, look us up, or simply register on our "contact" page and let us know you want more information on the Phase Dock Pro3 EcoSystem. What inspired this System?  Watching my fellow Makers

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