How to enlarge holes in acrylic base?

Dear Chris: I have a couple of NEMA 14 steppers that I want to mount directly to the WorkBench base. While the screw holes line up perfectly, the large holes are slightly too small. I don’t want to break the plastic, so what is the best way to enlarge them? Would a CNC router work?

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Slide Adapters: Open Source (Design-Your-Own / Print-Your-Own)

Your designs/our designs – the Phase Dock universe of open source designs is expanding! Given the enormous and growing range of electronic components available today, it is obvious that we (Phase Dock) are not going to design, manufacture or market Slide adapters for all of them. From the beginning, we have invited users to hack


NEW! WorkBench-IO (Integrated electronics Organizer)!

The long-awaited electronics organizer solution to corral small components and tools. Keep your electronics lab, desk or the kitchen table clear of clutter while you work. The Integrated Organizer (IO) stows and organizes electronics and small tools while protecting and accelerating your project or prototype development. On the way to developing the


Phase Dock 2.0, or “Why we rebuilt our website.”

You may not know it, but in addition to being the owners, Chris and I are the only employees of Phase Dock Inc. We’re a start-in-the-garage kind of business, only our startup is primarily in the basement. Same thing, I think. Although at this time, we can only park one car in our two-car garage

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“…an innovative approach to the old breadboard system of developing projects.”

ARRL/QST reviewer Glen Popiel put the WorkBench through its paces for the April 2020 edition of this specialty magazine for HAM radio fans. Excerpts: “The Phase Dock WorkBench Project Development Kit (PDK) is an innovative approach to the old breadboard system of developing projects. This review pertains to the WorkBench 1007 PDK, but the


Wall-Mount Electronics: Firmware Test Bed

Firmware Test Bed: From Clutter to Showcase Phase Dock Wall Mount Electronics System Organizes Dozens of Nanocomputers “Everybody who has seen it has loved it. Now that [the test bed] is set up, it will save time in terms of maintenance. We can easily see if everything is working properly.” — JT, FIRMWARE DEV

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Travel with Electronics Projects–Occasional Travelers

Travel with Electronics Projects--Occasional Travelers TIPS FOR HOBBYISTS AND OCCASIONAL AIR TRAVELERS Unlike Brandon from Particle, Chris and Barbara from Phase Dock don’t travel much, and rarely carry electronics projects when flying. We also lack Brandon’s corporate budget or requirement for a Pelican case. However, we’ve traveled enough with WorkBench-mounted projects that that we’d


Travel with Electronics Projects–Frequent Flyers

Travel with Electronics Projects--Frequent Flyers TIPS FOR FREQUENT AIR TRAVELERS, SALES AND TECHNICAL PROFESSIONALS Brandon Satrom, Head of Developer Relations for Particle, travels extensively worldwide with a WorkBench-mounted Particle project. He shared some of his tips for frequent air travelers who carry prototype or project electronics for work. "I’ve traveled



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