WorkBench users share their thoughts:

“Thanks for processing my order so quickly! This is my 4th workbench that I’ve ordered for work and they are a godsend for keeping things organized and portable. They make it really easy to just grab the whole circuit and go, on days that I work from home.”  

John G.
Tech Professional

“I am enjoying the portability of the IO workbench and often tinker in my home office or around the house with my kids. This is really a game changer for me to be able to jump on my board with no set up time between sessions.”

Scott L.
Maker and Tech Professional

“Thanks for getting this processed and ready to go out so quickly.  A young man, friend of ours, just graduated with his BS in cyber security…  He likes to tinker with small processors and has been working on a project with me.  Wanted to give him a small gift he will surely use.  I think [he] will be pleased.  When he was a kid I was teaching him about electronics….now he is teaching me.”

Eddie Foust
Maker and Tech Professional

“Found this system to give me flexibility for mounting and connecting Arduino and compatible boards such as the Adafruit Featherwing, ESP32, and many other boards during prototyping so that I can wire projects in process and move them between home, work, and makerspace without worrying about disconnecting anything accidentally. The clicks are flexible and inexpensive and mount standard boards but also allow for gluing or mounting things like din rail and Wago connectors to increase connectivity. Well made and delivered when processed. The makers are very responsive to requests. I have not found any other platforms that allow the flexibility at reasonable costs and also provide protection during travel without needing to disconnect things.”

Bruce Schreiner
Makerspace owner, CTE Educator

The workbench is an excellent prop when experimenting with an Arduino or similar boards. The individual parts are no longer loose on the table, but can easily be attached to the WorkBench or exchanged. In the event of a work interruption, the bench is simply put aside or shown again for further experimentation. A great time saver. Due to the size of the bench, several experimental setups can be installed at the same time. This is my experience with the WorkBench.”

Theo Hauser, Metzingen, Germany

“I have been enjoying using this system for several months now. It is a great way to manage projects with interconnects between modules like Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, breadboards and displays. Without a system like this, my projects tend to grow unwieldy with a ton of wires on my workbench. This is an innovative product for makers, students, experimenters and others — well done!

Matthew Greer
Maker and retired Ocean Engineer

“The [WorkBench] IO is amazing. It feels super sturdy and super premium. I was able to get multiple microcontrollers on different sized clicks, jumper wires and lots of breadboard friendly toys in the case. I love my original 1007, but it’s officially been replaced.

Jonathan Barket
Maker, Tech Pro

When I saw the WorkBench, it was a no brainer. I was buying it… I’m just super happy. I can’t say enough about it.

Sean Bjornstad
Maker and IT Professional

Having a professional looking board for a client prototype demo could mean the difference between being hired and being passed over for a project.

Ryan Conley
Maker, Tech Pro, STEM Educator, Entrepreneur

“I’ve traveled all over the world and WorkBench makes the entire project portable and professional-looking.”

Brandon Satrom
IoT Professional

“The WorkBench is just what I need for the DIY amplifier I am building. It’s a well thought out, amazing product.”

Thomas Noll
Maker and Entrepreneur

Fantastic product! … I am recently retired from an IT career and this will be very helpful in keeping my projects organized and easy to access.

Steve Stinedurf
Maker and Technical Professional

“Received my 1007 today. Blown away by how much nicer it is than any of the 3D printed solutions I’ve made in the past for tinkering.”

Jonathan Barket
Maker, Tech Pro

“In the past few weeks, I have used the PhaseDock on an IoT contract.

The executive summary: It does exactly what it is supposed to do. Makes prototyping truly presentable.”

Christian Hansis
Professional Consulting Engineer

“…the fit [of the 1107W] in the BUD case is perfect.  I used to bring the entire robot inside to my bench for programming. Now I can just lift the board out and bring it in.”

Walker Archer

“Trust me folks this is worth the money.  I have a unit and it is wonderful and makes my projects look great.”

Fred Warden
Maker and Tech Pro

“If your dev-board projects end up looking like something your kids brought home from kindergarten, you can raise your game with elegant supports and enclosures from Phase Dock, which will make them look like something designed by an actual engineer.”

EE Journal
Sept 25, 2018

The Phase Dock website has an excellent series of tutorial and support videos to help you get started assembling and using the system.

Glen Popiel, KW5GP
April 2020

“All I want to say is… as a person that has been prototyping for 35+ years that this is the best setup I have ever worked with. Thank you.”

Lewis Todd
Professional & Maker
San Antonio, TX

“I am extremely impressed with the Phase Dock Workbench and with your
excellent/superb service.”

Patrick Bryan Matthews

“I look at this in terms of hours and minutes. With [WorkBench], I felt like I had more teaching time in 60-minute classes than I did in 90 minutes without it.”

William “Billy” Ayotte
Director of Innovation & Design
Kimball Union Academy

“Keep up the great work. Fantastic products.”

Bob Mixon
Robotics Innovator &
Microsoft SharePoint MVP

“I didn’t know I needed WorkBench when I first designed a course that teaches technology life skills, but when I saw it I said “That’s something I need, no matter what.”

Andrew Kirk
Science Teacher, Robotics Instructor
Houston Academy, Dothan AL

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