Diesel Fuel Monitoring System Project by: Fred Warden, Coxsackie, NY

Project Description:  This is a diesel fuel monitoring system which could be used for home heating fuel and or a diesel generators.

My Idea originated when a customer asked if I could monitor the fuel in their Generator module . So I went to work developing a system with a Siemens Logo! Smart relay. Well I succeeded and  installed 5 systems for my customer and now I have 3 more systems to build for a new customer.

One night while at my work bench, I was looking at my fuel monitoring system and an Arduino board. I said to my self, “I bet I can make an Arduino fuel monitoring system.”  Bang! Did it.  It still needs a little work on my alarming, but I will get there. I used a drok signal converter to utilize a 0-5 volt analog input for the Arduino.

The system was housed by the Phase Dock WorkBench.  Very awesome. Keeps everything neat and organized.


  • drok -signal converter
  • EchoSpan LU80 series sensor
  • i2c lcd 20 x 4
  • Dr Duino 1st generator
Diesel Fuel Monitoring System