Phase Dock LIVE with Brandon Satrom “Demystifying Machine Learning”

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Join Chris for Phase Dock LIVE

Featuring Brandon Satrom and Machine Learning Demystified: For Students of All Ages

For the video, transcripts and other resources, see our Blog posts.

Brandon is a technologist who loves to use what he knows to teach others how to build things and solve problems with the latest technologies and platforms. Today’s Q&A topic will be the Internet of Things and Machine Learning, or as Brandon likes to call it “Human Teaching.”

It will be a great introduction to this emerging technology. Learn more and invite the young people you mentor and teach.

We pinky promise not to geek-out.

About Brandon Satrom

Brandon is the Director of Developer Experience at Blues Wireless, the former Head of Developer Relations at Particle, and the Founder and CEO of Carrot Pants Press, a publisher of books, apps and resources designed to introduce kids to the world of electronics through story. He’s a regular speaker at national and international conferences and events. He is also a friend and business mentor to Phase Dock through the RIoT Accelerator Program. Thanks Brandon!

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