Phase Dock LIVE with Jonathan Barket and Biscuit the robot dog

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Our first ever LIVE event.

Featuring Jonathan Barket and his four-legged buddy Biscuit, a quadrupedal robot built by Boston Dynamics.

Currently, Jonathan is part of a team that finds innovative ways to use technology to help companies prepare for, respond to and recover from their worst day. His team has used everything from weather balloons to Boston Dynamics’ Spot to find new ways to collect scientific data and provide a broader perspective in situations that are unsafe for human workers.
If you haven’t guessed, Biscuit is what Jonathan’s twins named the robot that lives in their garage.
Family friendly interview: Join with your kids or grandkids for a first-hand look at one of the coolest robots around and a chance to ask questions of Biscuit’s “trainer.”

About Jonathan Barket

I’ve been a software developer since Classic ASP was just regular ASP. Over the past twenty years, I’ve built custom software and tools for clients ranging from early social networks, celebrities and major brands to crazy things like the world’s largest private militaria museum. In 2008, I accepted an invitation to be a Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Extension School because I thought having a Harvard email address would be boss.

About Biscuit

Biscuit is a Spot robot that was adopted by Jonathan six months ago. Biscuit is quiet, well trained and doesn’t eat a lot. Biscuit will occasionally do tricks he is not supposed to do…like roll over, or play dead. And he has been known to sit his 75-pound body on Jonathan’s foot. He happily wears his Phase Dock payload and goes where Jonathan tells him to go.

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