Phase Dock LIVE with Steve Friedl and “Fillerbot”

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Using Arduino, BeagleBone, 8020 aluminum, and ingenuity, Steve designed and built a semi-automated production line for filling, capping, and labeling small vials used to collect coronavirus test samples. This allowed his brother’s company to scale quickly to meet the exploding demand for a faster and safer test process.
In this edition of Phase Dock LIVE, you will learn how Steve used the Phase Dock WorkBench to quickly prototype and test ideas before converting them into PCBs. He will take us for a live tour of the process automation where you will see the automated controls as well as the “fillerbot” itself.
Don’t miss our exciting on-site tour with this fearless innovator!
About Steve Friedl
Steve Friedl (AKA UnixWiz) is a Southern California software and network security consultant, a community literacy volunteer, and unabashed fan of Phase Dock products for prototyping. You can read his blog at

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