Static on insulating surfaces can be a problem in some circumstances (not nearly as often as it gets blamed for random behavior) but there are steps you can take to help reduce potential issues if this is a significant concern.

  • You can try a commercial anti-static spray treatment. We recommend Brillianize Plastic Cleaner to clean your Phase Dock WorkBench base and cover. Brillianize is also an anti-static treatment, so it’s a two-fer!
  • You can use current limiting resistors on your inputs. A friend of Phase Dock had an issue with repeated failure of a microcontroller that he believed was due to static discharge through an external push-button. The solution was to add a 5k resistor between the input pin and the switch. It had no impact on the function of the switch and limits inrush current due to static discharge. He did not expect it would save the microcontroller from a discharge big enough to create a spark but it solved this problem.
  • You can use an opto-isolator to provide a high level of protection on inputs that connect to the outside world.
  • You might run copper tape around the inside of the bottom lip of the WorkBench base and tie it to your battery negative. You could also wrap the foil around the front, or bring it to the front in a couple of tab spots. The goal is for the user to touch the copper and bring the whole circuit to the same potential before getting close to any of the wiring.