Can I stack two WorkBenches?

It’s relatively easy to build a two-layer/double-stack WorkBench. The basic approach is: Use a WorkBench 1007 Base or 1010 Base as the foundation for the stack. Use a WorkBench 1107W Base for the upper layer/s. Space them out using 8-32 hex (female-female) standoffs of an appropriate length for your project. You will need four. Attach the hex standoffs using 8-32 truss-head

I cracked my Cover or Base. Can I fix it?

You can crack Plexiglas and it will still be serviceable, as long as it doesn’t explode/shatter into a thousand bits. There are a number of chemical solutions to repair acrylic so that it is as good as new. Whichever you use, WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA. Those are some nasty chemicals, and you don’t



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