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Like “Little Toy Bricks” for Electronics

Finally—a way to easily and securely mount, manage and organize your electronics.

Phase Dock Matrix and Click connectors solve the triple threat:

  • Component chaos
  • Fragile projects
  • Frustration of not being able to dive right into the project.
Base to Click relationship

The Matrix and the Click

The essence of WorkBench is the standard interface.

The Matrix is an open-standard pattern of holes, precision laser-cut into a WorkBench Base.  All the measurements are provided on page 5 of the free Electronics Mounting Guide if you are thinking about making your own Base.

WorkBench Bases come in many shapes and sizes for desk-top work, field project deployment, or wall-mounted showcases.

2x3 Click - CAD model

The Click looks like a small table with four legs.

The legs on the Click have a locking mechanism that snaps securely into the Matrix.

Clicks resist extraction from the Matrix…until the user intentionally releases them.

The Fundamentals:

You mount the electronics (for example, an Arduino) onto the Click. It takes a few minutes, but you only have to do it once. Now the board has a standard-mounting capability and the underside is protected from damage.

Now, you can snap the Click-mounted Arduino onto the Matrix, in any location or orientation. It stays securely in place until you release it.

By establishing a standard interface between electronics and a platform, WorkBench gives the user the ability to arrange and organize components quickly.

Assembled projects stay assembled—whether stored in a classroom or engineering lab, at home or even carried in a backpack.

Arduino Slide - CAD model

Slide Adapters

Ready-made mounting adapters for the most popular single board computers.

The Slide protects the underside of the board and secures the mounting with raised bosses embedded with hex nuts. With four machine screws the board is securely mounted.

Base, Click and Slide

Slides available today:

  • Arduino (Uno and Mega)
  • Raspberry Pi (2/3/4 and Zero)
  • Feather / Particle
  • BeagleBone Black
  • Jetson Nano
  • Circuit Playground
  • Nucleo 144 pin
  • Adafruit and Sparkfun sensors

Any PCB that shares the same mounting hole configuration can use the Slide.

Open Source Slides available on Thingiverse

We add new print-it-yourself Slides to the Phase Dock Thingiverse group on a regular basis. Check to see if the one you need is available.   Contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Mounting using spacer standoffsBattery with zipties

Hack the WorkBench

Slides are a convenience, not a necessity.

Almost any electronic component can be mounted directly to the Click or even to the WorkBench Base itself.

We encourage users to hack the WorkBench:

  • Design and print your own Slides or other mounting adapters
  • Drive screws into the Clicks
  • Use zipties
WorkBench with CoverWeatherproof Enclosure1007-IO shown with projectWorkBench-IO - electronics not included

Security and Storability

WorkBench accessories make it even more useful.

  • Covers: two sizes of the WorkBench come with clear acrylic covers.
  • Small parts storage: Storage options help project builders corral components before, during, and in between builds.
  • Multi-project storage: Hang projects on the wall, store on racks or stack on shelves.
  • Enclosures for outdoor or rough use: WorkBench offers a weatherproof enclosure option for field deployment.