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Advantages for Remote Learning

Ease-of-use, portability, integrated storage, and robust protection make it a natural.

  • Set up projects before distributing to students.
  • Include small parts and tools in the integrated storage.
  • Protect and transport projects safely.
  • Establish a consistent project layout; the Matrix makes it simple.
    • Easier remote troubleshooting
    • Introducing new concepts
Protect and Transport Projects Safely.

WorkBench on a wall1007-IO shown with projectWorkBench-IO - electronics not included1007-IS with optional Cover

Aids to Organization

In the classroom or at the kitchen table, WorkBench helps maintain the workspace.

Students can find the parts they need–on their own.

  • Corral small components and tools with integrated storage.
  • Stack projects easily. Store projects neatly.
  • Hang projects from wall hooks without risking the project.
Stack Project Easily. Store Projects Neatly.

“I look at this in terms of hours and minutes. [With Phase Dock], I felt like I had more teaching time in 60 minute classes than I did in 90 minutes without it.”

William "Billy" AyotteWilliam “Billy” Ayotte, Director of Innovation and Design, Kimball Union Academy

Time-saving Features

Get up to 35% more productive teaching time.

Introduce more material. Tackle more ambitious projects.

  • Minimizes hassle of distributing and collecting projects.
  • Spares students the “shoebox or plywood” methods of storage and transport.
  • Reduces time spent on troubleshooting, as compared with a flimsy platform.
  • Accelerates the building of projects.
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Clean and professional project

Contributes to Student Success

What gives a student more confidence than success?

  • Robust projects are more likely to work the first time and every time.
  • Frustration is minimized when there is less troubleshooting.
  • Student projects look clean and professional.
WorkBench Launches Projects Quickly
Showcase electronics project

Showcase Your STEM Program

Give parents and administrators confidence that students are excelling at life skills.

  • Large-scale, showcase-quality demonstration projects are easier to make and feature.
  • Student projects have a “first impression” advantage when compared to cardboard and hot glue.
Electronics Mounting Guide

Refresh Your Curriculum

Some kits restrict your plans.

WorkBench supports the widest variety of electronics, microcontrollers and nano-computer hardware.

  • Update or change out electronics any time you need to.
  • Transition curriculum between coding, electronics, mechatronics, and robotics.
  • PCBs evolve rapidly; WorkBench support new hardware you want to introduce.
  • The WorkBench ecosystem of adapters is growing steadily.
  • Hack the WorkBench; students can design and 3D-print one-of-a-kind adapters.

Invest for the Long Term

WorkBench protects electronics and gives you more future flexibility.

  • Helps prevent loss or damage to electronics.
  • Keeps its good looks for many semesters—unlike cardboard platforms.
  • Adapts to support any new hardware you want to introduce as your curriculum evolves.

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