LaunchPad answers the questions…

  • Why do the electronics behave the way they do?
  • Is there a better way to build this project?
  • Why doesn’t my project work?
  • How do I explain it to my child or my student?
  • How do I modify it to do something different?
  • Did I learn anything meaningful?
Student with Arduino project

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Student with Arduino project

Intro to Microcontrollers

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Build competence and confidence with LaunchPad.

  • Basics: How a microcontroller works. Using breadboards and Fritzing diagrams.
  • Grow as you go: Hands-on projects; Components introduced and explained.
  • Code for non-coders: Simple coding exercises. Explore and make meaningful changes.
  • All-in-one easy: Projects and lessons.  PLUS tested and proven components.
  • Stay organized: Phase Dock’s WorkBench system contains the chaos.