Project by Kyle Best, Albuquerque, NM

This project is a microwave transverter for a ham radio project I’m working on. Transverters are most commonly used in amateur radio to convert radio transceivers designed for use on the HF or VHF bands to operate on even higher frequency (microwave) bands.

I had to make brackets to mount the coax relays vertically, and another to hold the sequencer.

The Phase Dock grids made it handy to assemble the parts. My previous project was built using an old cookie tin, but it was tough to match-drill the mounting holes. Your solution let me attach the boards to the Clicks, then just click together. I could then bend the rigid coax to match the placement.

I had to print up some interface blocks between Click and Base, since my transverter boards are a fair bit bigger than the standard microprocessor form factors.

I saw your system in a QST review, probably sometime last year, that’s how I got started with the clicks and such.

Microwave Transverter
10ghz Transverter base
10 microwave transverters being built