NEW! More WorkBench adapters for RPi Zero, Circuit Playground & Beaglebone!

We’ve been busy. Phase Dock Fans asked for more options and we are delivering!

Now you can get Click/Slide adapters for Raspberry Pi Zero, Playground Circuit, and BeagleBone Black.

These are in addition to RasPi 2/3/4, Arduino, and Feather/Particle. Of course, there is never a limit to the type of electronics you can direct mount to a Click.

And — oh, by the way — we have a new Click size, the 2×2 Click.

It’s perfect for direct mounting some of those smaller, squarish items like speakers and sensors..

Plus we added a beautiful new color Base for the 1007 PDK — Sapphire, a gem-like deep blue. Your electronics project will be stunning in this sophisticated color!

RPi Zero, Circuit Playground & BeagleBone adapters