Circuit Playground Slide with 2x2 Click

Mount Adafruit Circuit Playground, Playground Express, or any board with the same configuration.

You get a Circuit Playground Slide, a 2x2 Click, and assembly hardware. Assembly hardware includes: 3 M2.5 hex nuts, 3 M2.5 x 20 machine screws. Material: ABS plastic; 3D print

Installation Guidelines: Because the Circuit Playground lacks dedicated mounting holes, the ground (GND) holes are used to mount the board securely to the Slide. Spin the hex nuts onto the machine screws, THEN install the screws into the mounting bosses in the Slide. After the screw is firmly seated, spin the hex nut down until it makes a good connection to GND (ground) on the Circuit Playground. Alligator clips attach to the screws to complete circuits.

Circuit Playground board NOT included; installation shown for information only.

Click-Slide Circuit Playground Data Sheet Click/Slide Assembly Guide