700 and 830 pt Breadboard Mount Options

Two different styles at the same price.

STYLE 1: 2×5 Click

A classic Click in the right size to fit the breadboard and your hands. Securely mount your breadboard and easily reposition it on your WorkBench base using the primary matrix.

Material: ABS plastic; 3D print
Mounting platform: 2.53” x 5.31” (64.33mm x 135mm)

STYLE 2: Black acrylic with elegant brass hardware

The breadboard platform attaches to the WorkBench using the secondary matrix (smaller holes). It’s a lower profile, more sophisticated look than the Click, yet retains the ability to easily rearrange your project, if needed.

Material: Black 1/8” thick laser-etched acrylic with two each knurled brass nuts and bolts.
Mounting platform: 2.45” x 6.55” (62.25mm x 166.40mm)


Breadboard NOT included. Photos showing electronic components are for reference only.

700 or 830 pt Breadboard Mounting Platform Data Sheet