WorkBench 1107W Weatherproof Project Development Kit


WorkBench 1107W

Fits into NEMA case (not included) for protection in outdoor or hostile environments.

The 1107W includes:

  • One 1107W Base
  • Two 2×3 Clicks
  • One Slide of your choice (Arduino, Raspberry Pi 2/3/4, or BeagleBone Black)
  • One hardware packet with optional “feet” as well as a selection of small hardware to kickstart your project.

BUD Industries NEMA Case not included.

WorkBench 1107W Datasheet


Kit Component Details

1107W BASE

Use to prototype, manage electronics, and transport your projects.


Dimensions: Approximate 54 sq. in. work surface; outside dimensions are 6.75″ x 10.75″
11×7 primary matrix; 9×6 secondary matrix
Material: 1/8” black matte acrylic

Attach feet to marked holes on Base when working outside of the NEMA case.
Corner holes designed for installation into a selection of NEMA-standard boxes from BUD Industries (not included).

WorkBench 1107W in NEMA case (case not included)

Rugged protection for outdoor or hostile environments.

Waterproof cable glands may also be useful to bring power or signal cables into or out of your NEMA case.

NEMA case is not included with the WorkBench 1107W, but is available from Amazon.  The links are provided for your convenience; as an Amazon Associate Phase Dock Inc. earns from qualifying purchases. These products are available from other sources.


Mount electronics using a Slide, or direct attach methods.  Clicks into the Base for easy management and layout of project.

2x3 Click - package of two

Use with Slides for Arduino, Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black boards.

Mounting platform: 2.53” x 3.35” (64.3mm x 85.4mm)
Material: ABS plastic; 3D-print

Use with provided Slide for Arduino, RPi or Beaglebone boards

Direct Mount Other Electronics

Electronics Mounting Guide


Choose between Arduino, Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 OR BeagleBone Black Slide to use with your project.


Material: ABS plastic; 3D-print
Assemble with a 2×3 Click

Assembly includes M2.5 hex nuts installed in the raised bosses; hex nuts enable you to firmly attach and easily remove PCBs multiple times without causing any damage to the Slide.

All hardware included.
Click/Slide Assembly Guide


Includes all the small hardware needed to get started with the WorkBench 1107W.   If you like, buy extra hardware from the same sources we use.

WorkBench 1107W Hardware Packet

Hardware Packet includes optional “feet” as well as a selection of small hardware to kickstart your project.

  • 4 Feet (3/8” nylon spacers)
  • 4 #8 x 3/8” sheet metal screws w/ Phillips truss head; attach feet to Base
  • 5 M2.5 hex nuts; for Click/Slide assembly
  • 5 M3.0 hex nuts; for Click/Slide assembly
  • 1 M2.5 x 20 screw; for Click Slide assembly
  • 5 M2.5 x 8 machine screws; attach electronics to Click/Slide assemblies
  • 4 Tubular standoffs; direct-attach electronics to Clicks
  • 5 #2 x 5/8” self-tapping screws; direct-attach electronics to Clicks
  • 4 Zipties, small; for cable management

Electronics Mounting Guide
Click/Slide Assembly Guide

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 2 in
Slide Choice

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone Black


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