WorkBench-IO + Base


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WorkBench-IO plus Base

Keeps your work area efficient and orderly.

Phase Dock’s exclusive Integrated Organizer helps you manage and maintain your projects. 


  • One V2 1007 Base, in black matte
  • One Integrated Organizer box

Component Details

Integrated Organizer

Find the items you need quickly: Tools and a wealth of small components easily fit into the IO.

The IO is a sturdy 14” x 9” x 2” PPE tacklebox with 3 to 28 compartments depending on how you arrange the dividers.  Two permanently-attached HDPE handles are equipped with tangs to securely engage any V2.0 1007 WorkBench Base. A thumb-actuated spring-release mechanism easily and quickly clips the Base onto and off of the Integrated Organizer box.

Store tools, electronics and fasteners. 3-28 compartments possible.

Thumb-actuated spring release

Thumb-actuated spring release

3 to 28 compartments depending on configuration

3 to 28 compartments depending on configuration


1007 WorkBench BASE, V2.0

Use to prototype, manage electronics, and transport your projects. 

Black Matte Base

Great for photos, fingerprint resistant.14” x 8” x 1”
Approximate 54 sq. in. work surface
10×7 primary matrix; 9×6 secondary matrix
1/8” acrylic; black matte

Version 2.0 of the 1007 Base adds four rectangular laser-cut holes on the sides where it engages the tangs on the HDPE handles.  To be clear, V2.0 is functionally no different than earlier versions for project and prototype building.  All existing Clicks, Slides and Covers will work just fine on V2.0 Bases.  However, V1.xx Bases (i.e., some versions already “in the wild”) cannot easily be retrofitted to attach to the Integrated Organizer.

Electronics Mounting Guide

Additional information

Weight 42 oz
Dimensions 15.5 × 10 × 5 in

1 review for WorkBench-IO + Base

  1. Jonathan Barket

    The IO is amazing. It feels super sturdy and super premium. I was able to get multiple microcontrollers on different sized clicks, jumper wires and lots of breadboard friendly toys in the case. I love my original 1007, but it’s officially been replaced.

    • Barbara

      Thank you for your nice review! We appreciate the feedback!

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