Phase Dock Promise

The Phase Dock WorkBench system enables users to mount, organize, protect, and transport more electronic components than any other project development system in the world.

In order to empower our customers with “More Innovation and Less Frustration,” we promise that:

  • Whenever possible, we will design for forward and backward compatibility, so that components bought today will work with tomorrow’s components.

  • We will continue to expand the value and usefulness of the Phase Dock WorkBench ecosystem by adding new components and configurations, whether for sale or by empowering our customers with DIY options.

  • We will respond to customer challenges and questions promptly and learn from their experiences to improve Phase Dock products.

In addition:

  • We encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, and education.

  • We believe in bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. Everything you buy from Phase Dock is made in the USA,