ARRL/QST reviewer Glen Popiel put the WorkBench through its paces for the April 2020 edition of this specialty magazine for HAM radio fans.


“The Phase Dock WorkBench Project Development Kit (PDK) is an innovative approach to the old breadboard system of developing projects. This review pertains to the WorkBench 1007 PDK, but the other members of the WorkBench series share many of the same features and accessories…..”

“With its unique click and slide design, you can quickly rearrange and swap out major components as you switch between projects or designs during development. The Phase Dock website has an excellent series of tutorial and support videos to help you get started assembling and using the system.”

“The prototyping went quickly and smoothly. I really liked the flexibility the click and slide units gave me in project component selection and their placement on the base. The ability to rearrange the project on the base made for quick and easy wiring between modules. I could easily swap out the Arduino Uno click for an Arduino Nano click in just a matter of minutes.”

Courtesy of QST magazine. READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW.

QST Cover April 2020
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