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Design Custom Mounting Adapters for PCBs

This parametric design application makes it easy.

Many printed circuit boards (PCBs) have screw holes for mounting when they are used in a project. But some PCBs also have components or solder joints on the underside. In that case, how do you protect the PCB when direct mounting it to a hard surface?

To address this issue, Phase Dock developed the concept of a “Slide adapter,” which is defined as a baseplate with screw bosses that coincide with the mounting holes of a given PCB.  When the PCB is mounted to a Slide adapter with screws, the bosses support the PCB so the underside is protected. Phase Dock has developed Slide adapters for some of the more popular boards.

But… we cannot possibly manufacture Slides for every PCB. This user-friendly application enables you to easily design your own custom Slides.

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