Submitted by: Bill Clark, Sandy, Utah

I am an amateur radio operator and I saw your product featured in QST magazine this Spring.  I set up Software Defined Radios running on three of the Raspberry Pi’s.

I am using the WorkBenches to wall mount the radios.  I want to take the left one to Ham Radio meetings after Covid is done.

I am using a nice smart USB power source. You can see a buck down converter on each platform.  They will recognize RPi and Arduino and give the correct voltage and amps.  They are only $5.99 on Banggood and I can’t find them in the US.

The things that look like dials are screws and washers.  I hope to purchase some black cabinet screw / washer / black cap sets but it is low on my list.

As you can tell I love your ideas and products.

Software Defined Radio