DIY Heartbeat Monitor

The Maker: Steve Lubbers, Dayton, Ohio Steve used to develop electronic controls for automotive shock absorbers. Now that this self-described “Enginerd” is working for Bose, his focus is car stereo amplifiers and speaker systems. He relies on the same skills and experience. As Steve says, “We’re still talking about a box of electronics in a

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Dear Chris: I want to stack two WorkBenches. Any advice?

Dear Chris: I purchased your system at Hamvention and wanted to know if you have a means of stacking another board on top of the base? Any advice? Thanks again, John in Ohio.   Dear John in Ohio: It's relatively easy to build a two-layer/double-stack WorkBench. The basic approach is: Use a WorkBench 1007 Base

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Where to get fasteners and other hardware?

Dear Chris: I need some small hardware for my project. What's a reliable source? Thanks again, Bruce in Pennsylvania   Dear Bruce in Pennsylvania: Every Phase Dock WorkBench comes with a good selection of hardware you need to assemble the Click/Slides, plus some other items for cable management and build a two-board tower.  The purpose

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