DIY Heartbeat Monitor

The Maker: Steve Lubbers, Dayton, Ohio Steve used to develop electronic controls for automotive shock absorbers. Now that this self-described “Enginerd” is working for Bose, his focus is car stereo amplifiers and speaker systems. He relies on the same skills and experience. As Steve says, “We’re still talking about a box of electronics in a

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Dear Chris: I want to stack two WorkBenches. Any advice?

Dear Chris: I purchased your system at Hamvention and wanted to know if you have a means of stacking another board on top of the base? Any advice? Thanks again, John in Ohio.   Dear John in Ohio: It's relatively easy to build a two-layer/double-stack WorkBench. The basic approach is: Use a WorkBench 1007 Base

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Where to get fasteners and other hardware?

Dear Chris: I need some small hardware for my project. What's a reliable source? Thanks again, Bruce in Pennsylvania   Dear Bruce in Pennsylvania: Every Phase Dock WorkBench comes with a good selection of hardware you need to assemble the Click/Slides, plus some other items for cable management and build a two-board tower.  The purpose

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Walker Archer with RC Robot Friends TARA and Lefty – Part 1

Part One of Phase Dock LIVE featuring Walker Archer for a wide-ranging conversation about RC robots, electric wheelchair bases, motor controllers, and "terrorizing children" at Faires and Halloween. Walker is an systems engineer for the Ford Motor Company. He is an avid software programmer and recent electronics hobbyist. In 2014, he organized the Thunder


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