Future Robotics: Code & Command

Summer Camp taught with the Phase Dock desktop robotic arm. Unlock the secrets of robotics through an engaging session for rising 6th to 8th-grade students, diving deep into robotics concepts, language, and principles. In this session, students will have the chance to explore mechatronics, electronics, and coding while taking command of a 3-degree-of-freedom robotic arm. Participants will learn to connect, control, and program the robotic arm to a microcontroller to complete different challenges and tasks, learning along the way why robotics is such an important STEM concept. All programming will take place at The Science House on NC State’s Centennial Campus.


Walker Archer with RC Robot Friends TARA and Lefty – Part 2

Part Two of Phase Dock LIVE featuring Walker Archer for a wide-ranging conversation about RC robots, electric wheelchair bases, motor controllers, and "terrorizing children" at Faires and Halloween. Walker is an systems engineer for the Ford Motor Company. He is an avid software programmer and recent electronics hobbyist. In 2014, he organized the Thunder

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Phase Dock LIVE with Walker Archer and TARA

Join Chris for Phase Dock LIVE featuring Walker Archer and TARA the robot. The ThunderOps Advanced Remote Avatar (TARA) is a human-sized animatron with a punk look. Her job is to use her voice and punchy stereo to interact with children and try to get people to dance. TARA’s robotics platform is based on a

Rover with Object Avoidance and Remote Control

Rover with Object Avoidance and Remote Control Project by: Bob Mixon, Carmel, Indiana This project is presented in a series of emails between Bob Mixon and Phase Dock founders Chris and Barbara Lehenbauer. The project continues. You can follow Bob on his blog or watch this space for more. March 13, 2020 Hi Phase Dock

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Phase Dock LIVE with Jonathan Barket and Biscuit the robot dog

Jonathan is part of a team that finds innovative ways to use technology to help companies prepare for, respond to and recover from their worst day. His team has used everything from weather balloons to Boston Dynamics' Spot to find new ways to collect scientific data and provide a broader perspective in situations that are unsafe for human workers.


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