EOD Training for Military and Law Enforcement

The Phase Dock WorkBench has transformed John and his collaborators' ability to deliver a wide range of complex electronics training to a diverse audience—and made them look good while doing it. The Professional Educator: John Gray, Agricultural Studies Group John is a former US Army Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician who currently trains military

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Growing a Hardware Business Part 2

Launching and growing a hardware business differs in many ways from a software or services company.  In this Phase Dock LIVE, two hardware company founders share their experiences, lessons learned, and tips for inventors who hope to launch their own companies someday. Guido Bonelli (Dr.Duino) and Chris Lehenbauer (Phase Dock) were featured in a Phase

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Phase Dock LIVE with Guido Bonelli AKA Dr. Duino

Got a great idea? Learn what it takes to launch a hardware product. Featuring Guido Bonelli, founder of Dr. Duino and Chris Lehenbauer, founder of Phase Dock. If you have ever thought about starting a company to sell your electronics-related invention, don’t miss this Phase Dock LIVE. Learn from the hard-knocks and successes of two

Phase Dock LIVE with Brandon Satrom “Demystifying Machine Learning”

Join Chris for Phase Dock LIVE Featuring Brandon Satrom and Machine Learning Demystified: For Students of All Ages For the video, transcripts and other resources, see our Blog posts. Part One: Introductions and the Theory of Machine Learning. Part Two: Real-world examples and practical ideas to get started with Machine Learning. Part Three: Machine Learning

Phase Dock LIVE with Jonathan Barket and Biscuit the robot dog

Jonathan is part of a team that finds innovative ways to use technology to help companies prepare for, respond to and recover from their worst day. His team has used everything from weather balloons to Boston Dynamics' Spot to find new ways to collect scientific data and provide a broader perspective in situations that are unsafe for human workers.

Gain up to 35% more productive teaching time

More productive teaching time gives you the equivalent of 12.5 class sessions every semester with no additional effort. This article is for STEM educators who teach hands-on labs where students work with single board computers, microcontrollers, and the wide range of other components such as wires, LEDs, resistors, sensors, actuators, and motors. Right

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