Improve your “Duct Tape-to-Electronics Ratio.”

Innovate and Build More Efficiently
Test More Ideas in Less Time
Transition Prototype to Field Deployment
Protect and Transport
Increase Satisfaction and Enjoyment
Organize Your Work Area
Model railroad staging yard controllerWall-mount electronicsFeather/Particle DaughterboardArduino weather stationArduino-powered industrial contollerRobot power distribution and guidance_crop

Innovate and Build Faster and Easier

Use your time to work on things that matter.

With WorkBench’s ability to organize, mount and protect electronics, you can:

  • Accelerate project deadlines.
  • Test and evaluate more ideas in less time.
  • Move on to interesting and enjoyable tasks more quickly.

All I want to say is… as a person who has been prototyping for 35+ years… This is the best setup I have ever worked with. Thank you.

Lewis Todd, Technical Professional & Maker, San Antonio, TX

Protect Your Hard Work

Uncovered, loose components on a desktop are asking for trouble.

Phase Dock’s robust mounting system with its platform and cover:

  • Prevents regrets.
  • Protects from “curious” people and critters.
  • Keeps gravity from working against you.

Take Your Project On-the-Go

Meeting with a client, colleagues, or friends?

WorkBench protects projects, time after time.

  • Grab the convenient handle.
  • Stuff your project into a backpack for class.
  • Throw it into the car without fear.
Weatherproof Enclosure

Prototype to Field-Deployment

Build and validate your project on a WorkBench, then…

Slip it into a rough service enclosure without rebuilding it.

It’s easy with the Phase Dock electronics mounting standard.

Electronics Mounting Guide

Mount Virtually Any Electronics

Phase Dock has established a universal mounting standard for electronics.

  • Mount virtually any single board computer, microcontroller, sensor, or actuator.
  • Our meta standard allows you to integrate components that use other standards such as DIN rail and Legos.
  • The Phase Dock ecosystem of adapters is growing steadily.
  • Hack the WorkBench.
WorkBench-IO - electronics not included1007-IO shown with project + electronicsIO with Base attachedConfigurable storage with HDPE attachment handles3 to 28 compartments depending on configuration1007-IS with optional cover and integrated storage1007-IS with optional Cover1007-IO shown with project

Organize Projects and Workspace

Make—and keep—a great first impression.

  • Keeps your workspace (or the kitchen table) orderly and neat.
  • Projects can be packed, stacked, or hung on a wall.
  • Even the roughest prototype looks better on a WorkBench.

Having a professional-looking board for a client prototype demo could mean the difference between being hired and being passed over for a project.

Ryan Conley, Maker, Tech Pro, STEM Educator, Entrepreneur

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Customer Accolades

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“I am extremely impressed with the Phase Dock Workbench and with your excellent/superb service.”

Patrick Matthews, Technical Professional, OneCNCWest, Upland, CA

“Fantastic product! This will be very helpful in keeping my projects organized and easy to access.”

Steve Stinedurf, Maker and Tech Professional, Howell, MI