Travel with Electronics Projects–Frequent Flyers


Brandon Satrom, Head of Developer Relations for Particle, travels extensively worldwide with a WorkBench-mounted Particle project.
He shared some of his tips for frequent air travelers who carry prototype or project electronics for work.

“I’ve traveled all over the world and the WorkBench makes the entire project portable and professional-looking.”

Brandon Satrom

Brandon's Tips

1.       Never put batteries into checked bags. Brandon said “I travel with a handful of LiPos and have a small hard plastic case I store them in. I just pop the case into my backpack for carry-on.”

2.       Protect and check your electronics.  “I carry on my backpack, but I check my Phase Dock WorkBench when traveling. I recommend protecting the WorkBench with a Pelican-style case with shapeable foam. I got mine from Digi-Key, and it’s perfect for transporting a project in style.” Putting the Pelican case into checked baggage has the added advantage of letting the traveler breeze through Security without having to explain wires and electronics to suspicious inspectors.

With the Phase Dock WorkBench and a LiPo battery, it's a truly mobile solution that I can take anywhere. And I do: I've traveled all over the world giving workshops and attending events and the WorkBench makes the entire project portable and professional-looking,” said Brandon.

That’s good advice! Thanks for sharing your experience, Brandon!