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In this project, you set up a weather station to measure temperature and humidity. The values will be displayed on an LCD screen. This would be a great project to monitor indoor plants, a terrarium, or even outside weather conditions.

This is project 13 from the Arduino Project Handbook, V1 by Mark Geddes.

We built this project on a WorkBench Project Development Kit from Phase Dock.


Major components

  • Arduino Uno
  • Two 400 pin breadboards (or one 700 pin for alternate layout; see Tips below)
  • “Always-on” battery (recommended if you want to display or hang your Weather Station)

Small components

  • LCD screen (from the Elegoo 37 Sensor Kit V2.0)
  • Potentiometer (50k or above)
  • Temperature and humidity module DHT11 (GY-521 from the Elegoo 37 Sensor Kit V2.0)
  • Jumper wires

WorkBench 1007

  • Three 2×3 Clicks
  • One Arduino Slide
  • Optional: one 2×3 or 1×3 Click for your battery
  • Optional: 700 pin breadboard mount w/ brass hardware (if you choose the alternate layout)
  • Optional: 1007 Cover


Arduino Project Handbook, Volume 1, by Mark Geddes; this is Project 13

WorkBench PDK from Phase Dock.

Elegoo 37 Sensor Kit, V 2.0. for the LCD screen and the temperature/humidity module

Links are provided for your convenience; as an Amazon Associate Phase Dock Inc. earns from qualifying purchases. These products may be available from other sources.

DHT11SensorPinoutIMG_2572IMG_2564IMG_2562IMG_2420IMG_2383Arduino weather stationWorkBench on a wall


1. Confirm the pinout on the DHT11 sensor you use. The one in the Project Handbook is different from the DHT11 sensor in the 37 Sensor Kit that we used. If you choose to use the Elegoo Sensor Kit, you can download the Sensor Kit Tutorial V2.0. Lesson 4: Temperature and Humidity Module is on Page 58.

2. You can easily use the 700 pin breadboard on your WorkBench. See the photos (left) for the layout. In addition to the basic WorkBench 1007 Kit, you will need to purchase either a 2×5 Click or the acrylic 700 Pin Breadboard Mount.

3. Put it to work! Hang your Weather Station in a convenient location using the notch in the Base handle. Protect it with a sturdy WorkBench Cover.