The long-awaited electronics organizer solution to corral small components and tools.
Keep your electronics lab, desk or the kitchen table clear of clutter while you work.

The Integrated Organizer (IO) stows and organizes electronics and small tools while protecting and accelerating your project or prototype development.

On the way to developing the final product, we took a few wrong turns. Or, as Thomas Edison would say, “They weren’t failures; we just found a few ways that won’t work.

But we’ve got it now. We’re excited to make this great new development available starting next week.  Keep an eye on our website for the launch.

The WorkBench-IO protects against mix-ups or misplaced resources.

The WorkBench-IO was specifically designed for situations where many people are working on multiple projects. By connecting the WorkBench Base to a sturdy tacklebox, your electronics tools and resources will never get mixed up or misplaced.

The Integrated Organizer was developed with classrooms in mind, but it is also perfect in situations such as robotics competitions and commercial engineering labs, as well as for consulting engineers or hobbyists who have multiple projects underway and don’t want to mix components or projects.

1007-IO with project + electronics

Find the items you need quickly: Tools and a wealth of small components easily fit into the IO.

The IO electronics organizer is a sturdy 14” x 9” x 2” polypropylene tacklebox with anywhere between 3 and 28 compartments depending on how you arrange the dividers.

It is tall enough to store Click-mounted electronics or breadboards. You can add small screwdrivers and other tools. We even found a small multimeter that nicely fits in one of the large compartments. Sort in other components you like to use such as jumper wires, LEDs, sensors, boards, motors and batteries.

1007-IO - electronics not included

Detach the Base to work on your project. Reattach to store or transport.

Phase Dock has outfitted the sturdy polypropylene tacklebox with permanently-attached machined HDPE (high-density polyethylene) handles. These handles are equipped with tangs to securely engage the 1007 Base and a thumb-actuated spring-release mechanism to easily and quickly clip the Base onto and off of the tacklebox. That’s where the “I” for integration comes in.

Version 2.0 of our Base adds four rectangular laser-cut holes on the sides where it engages the tangs on the HDPE handles. V2.0 of the Base will become the new standard; that is, after the WorkBench 1007-IO launches, all Bases manufactured by Phase Dock will have the four rectangular cutouts.

To be clear, V2.0 of the 1007 Base is functionally no different than earlier versions for project and prototype building. All your existing Clicks, Slides and Covers will work just fine on V2.0 Bases. However, V1.xx Bases (i.e., the versions already owned by most customers) cannot be retrofitted to work with the IO.

1007-IO with project

Cause for celebration! You benefit in every direction.

  • Initial discount! Existing Phase Dock customers will get a discount to purchase your first WorkBench 1007-IO. Coming soon! Watch your email.
  • Clearance sale! Up to 50% off Phase Dock product with V1.xx Bases. Limited inventory. Jump in and grab some for gifts!

Wishing you More Education and More Innovation,


1007-IS with optional Cover